Permanent Recruitment

Six Tips to Build Inclusiveness with Remote Workers

Personality characteristics play an important role in individual and team performance. For those working remotely, personality plays an even more crucial role. With the loss of a structured routine, it’s easy to feel disconnected when you’re in one place and your co-workers are in another.
As a leader, you must ensure remote employees are not struggling with loneliness or feeling left out. To communicate meaningfully, you need to understand what makes each of them tick so you can build rapport and trust.

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Not Attracting Top Performers? How to Make Your Company Stand Out

By Drake Editorial Team

Now that the ‘new normal’ has become the norm, how do you attract the best talent? A year ago, flexible working was seen as an easy carrot to offer – now that’s no longer a differentiator. How else can your business attract top talent? 

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