Unbundled Recruitment

Get recruitment right — from the start. 

Effective recruiting can be expensive, complex, and time consuming, but it is imperative to get it right — from the start. What if you don't have the resources to do it yourself?



If you don't have the expertise or manpower on hand to get the job done, it's quicker and more efficient to contract it out.


Drake International UK can assist you at any stage of the recruiting process. Choose from a full suite of recruiting services to augment or outsource your current process and stand head-to-head against competitors in the war for talent.


Creating Job Descriptionsand Advertisements

Creating Job Descriptions and Advertisements

Drake can craft job descriptions which are not only fully compliant with relevant legislation, but will ensure you attract the right talent.

Resume Screening

CV Screening

Don't have the time to sift through a large volume of applicants?  Drake can sort through the clutter of applications to find you the right candidate.

Behavioural Interviewing

Behavioural Interviewing

Drake can help you develop interview questions that gauge your candidate’s experience and performance to ensure you’re getting your next top performer.

Background Checks

Credit Checks

Understanding a candidate's background can help to mitigate the risks posed to your business by individuals under financial strain.

Reference Checking

Telephone Pre-Screening

Take advantage of our expertise by engaging Drake to conduct focused calls allowing your selection process to be more streamlined and efficient.

Skill Testing

Skills Testing

DrakeWize provides a full suite of Windows and Macintosh-based testing for all levels of staffing, so you can hire the right candidate with the right skills.

Behavioural Assessments

Behavioural Assessments

Drake’s P3 assessment solution can determine if a candidate is a good fit for your organisation, and your team.

Organizing Career Fairsand Open Houses

Organising Career Open Days

Drake can plan and execute a recruiting event to attract a high volume of candidates for you in a short period of time.

Onboarding and Orientation

Pre-Employment Checks

Drake will conduct due-diligence checks in a legal and ethical manner, reducing the risk of damage to your business.


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