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Maximising your Job Search in Today's Market

We have complied a detailed summary of everything you need to know about maximising your job search when actively looking for new opportunities. 


Are you currently looking for new career opportunities but unsure where to start? 

They say looking for a new job is a full time job on its own, but it doesn't have to be.

Our recruitment experts and staffing industry leaders at Drake, have been finding solutions to the common problems for decades and have found ways to make it easier, less time consuming and more rewarding so that you can find your dream job, sooner!


We have gathered the troop to reveal all their secrets right here!

Some tips from our team for your job search

"During your job search, you must also be networking as much as possible, attending events, talks, lectures, and conferences where you'll meet people you can add to your contact list."

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"Never assume what is standard in a benefits package, always unpack and compare it." - Benita van Wyk (Recruitment Specialist, Drake UK)

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22 red flags to look for when applying for a job

Finding a new job is a lot more than just finding a salary that suits your lifestyle, it is more importantly about FIT! You need to fit into the company culture and the company needs to be aligned with your values and beliefs.


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Advice from our Team

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LinkedIn essentials for your job search

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for those in the market for a new job or career and that is why I wanted to do a post on creating a complete LinkedIn profile.
Every person who is looking for work should be going into their job search with a complete profile. 


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Putting recruitment agencies to work for you

Whether you are looking to develop a new career path or you already have considerable experience under your belt, recruitment agencies can be a very useful tool in your job search.


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5 keys to job hunting success

The way to get a quality job is basically the same for everyone: focus, attitude, preparation, strategy, and follow through.
Here we unpack them in more detail.


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4 ways to stand out in an overcrowded job market

Businesses will need to adjust to a new reality in the post pandemic world, and so too will job seekers.
If you are searching, or plan to search, for a new job or career, here are four ways to stand out in a crowded hiring space.

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