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Upholding your company's reputation & brand when looking for new talent

We have compiled everything you need to know about staff turnover, salary negotiations, getting back to potential new hires timeously, and avoiding overpaying. 

Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for the love of it. - Henry David Thoreau

Hiring a new employee is as much a decision that you make, as it is theirs. Starting off on the wrong foot with a potential new hire by trying to cut costs and corners can have a damaging effect on your company reputation. Here is some advice from our team!

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"Never assume what is standard in a benefits package, always unpack and compare it." - Benita van Wyk (Recruitment Specialist, Drake UK)

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Our recruiters have had plenty of first hand experience of how many companies end up losing their next superstar because they took too long to make a decision. The bottom line is - Time kills deals and in order to secure top talent for your business, you need to act fast when you feel you have found the right candidate.
Here is a top tip from Niven:
"Before you start reviewing applications, you need to establish a hiring process. This is essential because it will ensure that every person involved is aware and committed to each step they participate in." - Niven Batchelor
We are here to help you establish a hiring process that works best for your company! Speak to us to find out more.

Before you commit to interviews with potential new hires, make sure you are serious about recruiting. Don't start a process just to put your feelers out there because you will, more than likely, be presented with talent that would be the perfect match for your team and they are also being approached by other companies.


Act fast and avoid having to offer more than you budgeted for!" - Benita van Wyk

Offering a lower salary than what you originally advertised for can sour the relationship between you and the candidate.
We asked Andi Louw to give us advice on how to avoid damaging the trust with your new hire due to this:
"Stick to the salary range that was offered when advertising the position. Changing this may create trust issues when taking on your new hire. If the candidate does not meet the requirements for the job, don't offer them the job."
This really is an important tip for companies hiring!

We asked Claire Collins, our General Manager of Drake UK what her team does to recruit only the best talent for their clients and this is what she had to say:
"We believe that to ensure you have the information and tools required to conduct an interview beyond the CV you need to know something about an individual’s key behaviours in the workplace; beyond what you see on the CV.
We have a tool ‘P3’ which we provide on our candidates that gives more of a 3D vision of the person so that our clients can craft some very interesting interview questions beyond skills and work history, leading to a deep understanding of the individual. But it’s not just that, it’s our attitude to the recruitment process, our belief that the candidate’s and client’s journey from meeting us to starting a new role or onboarding a new staff member is of equal value and that if we feel something is not right we will tell you and provide solutions that result in value led solutions.
This ultimately leads to long-term relationships for the client and new staff member which is always our ultimate goal."