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Empowering Talent, Cultivating Culture: Future-Proofing Your Workforce

By Claire Collins

The generational blend in today’s workforce brings a diverse set of expectations and values to the workplace. So finding the right talent that not only meets the skill requirements but also fits seamlessly into the company culture is more crucial than ever.

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Would your business be better if it was run by children?

There is one thing we all did better when we were children – we asked a lot of questions.
And as irritating as we might have sometimes been for our parents, it was without question the best way to learn.

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The role a specialist recruitment consultancy can play in your company's diversity and inclusion goals

By Claire Collins

In today's dynamic and globalised business environment, the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) are not just buzzwords but key components of successful and sustainable organisations. 

This is where recruitment agencies can play an instrumental role. But how?

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Striking the balance with hybrid working

By Drake Editorial Team

Hybrid working is a growing trend in the workplace. It allows employees to work in the way that suits them best, and it can also help retain talent and improve employee satisfaction scores. Given the high stakes in getting it right, here are some tips for ensuring a successful hybrid working practice.

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Why Companies are Embracing Unbundled Recruitment Services

Now, more and more companies are embracing a flexible hiring option called “Unbundled Recruitment”. Its attraction lies in the ability to cost-effectively choose only the recruitment support they require, and none they don’t.

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4 Essential Skills to Master Virtual Selling

By Drake Editorial Team

Sales is evolving – we are moving into the era of social selling, remote engagement of customers and having to negotiation, convert and build business virtually. Of course, our next normal will allow for face-to-face interactions, but many organisations are finding they can do more business remotely.

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