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Engagement Surveys


10 best practices for employee surveys, part 1

By Patrick J.Gilbert, Ph.D

A highly engaged workforce delivers superior products and services, and this in turn leads to greater customer satisfaction and improved sales performance...

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No time or $ to train your team?

By JoAnna Brandi

For many companies, training employees is not always a top priority. The reasons are varied and are often the result of tough, economic times or a fluctuating economy...

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Engaging employees through periods of layoffs

By Drake Editorial Team

Layoffs can affect an organization’s long-term prospects and have a negative impact on the remaining employees. The restructuring organization needs to retain and motivate its best people...

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"Our job is not our life." - The voice of a millennial

By Drake Editorial Team

In 2020, millennials now make up 35% of the global workforce. With these statistics, it's critical that your hiring practices to entice them to join you, and your engagement strategies to help you retain them adapt to reflect their values.

"I Need to Listen and Be Open to Their Ideas." - The voice of a baby boomer.

“The world has changed. My values are not their values. We think differently. But we can learn from each other.”
As millennials make up an ever growing proportion of the workforce, learning how to attract, engage and retain this cohort becomes increasingly important. Just like the extinct dodo bird, the ‘9-5’ traditional way of doing business will continue its decline as each generation imparts their values.

Key Steps to Position Your Company as an ‘Employer of Choice’

By Drake Editorial Team

Whether you are a small business or a large organisation, there are specific steps any company should take to help position itself as an ‘Employer of Choice’.  But first, let's discuss why that is even important.

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