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Level up your HR Department in 2023 and beyond

We have put together some tips and tricks to ace your HR Goals in 2023 and beyond. Find out what it takes to create an attractive work environment for your team, leadership advice, as well as promoting your employer brand.

Work culture has changed and there is a “new norm”.

An employee value proposition is a combination of rewards and benefits that employees are given in return for performing well at work.

Gartner's research found that for most people, the things that make up a compelling EVP include compensation, work-life balance, stability, location, and respect.
This means that as employers, we need to take these desires into consideration when deciding on how to structure our HR strategies and rewards systems.
We can help you get it right for both the benefit of your business and your employees. Speak to us today.

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Some new year motivation

"Find that thing where working hard at it makes you happy, and where you're happy to work hard at it." - Tom Fletcher

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Bringing a variety of different personalities and thought-styles into a workplace can create genius creativity!

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5 Internal Communication trends for your 2023 Strategy

Internal Communication is key to effective leadership and building a ‘People First’ culture.

Our General Manager, Claire Collins liked these 5 trends for 2023 from Involv. Learning.

She added that how to best communicate with your team is key and utilising a Behavioural Assessment that has built in communication tools is a great place to start.


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Which channels can companies use to promote their employer brand?

According to Benita Van Wyk, our Executive Recruiter, she believes life with the internet has made it easier and more effective to promote your employer brand.


She advises that you select 3-4 effective channels to ensure quality exposure.
Potential quality applicants like to read LinkedIn, your website, career sites, Snapchat, and even a referral reward program.


If you need help getting your brand out there to attract the best quality candidates, get in touch with Benita today!


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How to predict a new hire's true personality and expected performance

It can be difficult to predict whether a new hire will actually do well in the job. Interviews can be misleading and often people put on their best performance in interviews.


The good news is that you really can identify your ideal candidate's persona before they are hired.


Our Drake P3, which is a personality assessment tool, gives an enlightened version of what your new hire is really all about and under what circumstances your new hire will perform best.


Find out more about Drake P3


Is Company Culture and branding a priority in your 2023 strategy?

If your strategy focuses purely on the numbers, you could be missing a vital ingredient to your success in 2023.

The retention and attraction of quality people comes from empowering leadership and a culture based on your people and processes, with a good sprinkling of knowing how to communicate this to your people as part of your 2023 vision.

Centring your strategy on these will bring the numbers!
At Drake we focus our work on quality hires and retention, to do that effectively for our clients we engage with your people strategy and then work with you to achieve your goals."


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Why is it important for companies to create a positive candidate experience?

We asked Andi Louw, our IT & Digital Specialist Recruiter why it is important for companies to create a positive candidate experience and this is what she had to say:

"Creating a positive candidate experience during the hiring process can say a lot about your company and it’s values. Making sure your candidates know what to expect, if they need to prep and who they are going to meet with is just the start of building that trust with your potential hire."

It is often underestimated how vital this step is in attracting good talent to your business.


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