After Placement Service

Our service doesn't stop when your new employee starts.

Ensuring your new staff member is inducted effectively is as critical to their success as hiring the right person for the role. 

The Drake International After Placement Service programme has been created to help remove any barriers to effective team integration, reducing the number of days it takes for an employee to become fully productive member of your organization.

Not only does effectively integrating a new team member increase productivity, but also significantly improves employee loyalty and retention rates. 

It’s worth remembering that it’s not just the employer who wants to see their new staff getting on their feet as soon as possible; new employees don’t like feeling as if

they are not fully productive - particularly during a probationary period.

We offer the Drake International After Placement Service free of charge to our clients and candidates, and in consultation with you, we will seamlessly weave this into your induction process.


Our After Placement Service Comprises

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Remove communication barriers to make workplace integration faster and more effective.


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Improve the productivity and performance of your new hire and the rest of the team.


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Your Drake Consultant will manage and monitor the ongoing performance of your new hire.

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