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Leverage the power of human capital analytics.  

Have data but lack insights? Break through the data and develop actionable objectives that help your organisation's bottom-line.


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More than 60% of companies now invest in Big Data (forbes.com) and analytics tools to help advance the data-driven culture in their HR departments.


Many organisations collect data about their workforce productivity and performance, but few know how to interpret and use that data to drive positive change and improve bottom-line results. Why not leverage our experience and the ability to draw from 650 HR metrics to advance efficiencies across your business?  



It has been proven that organisations who adopt data analytics generate 5 - 6% higher productivity and profitability.

 Drake can help you answer these questions:

  • What ROI does my human resource division generate each year?
  • Can we model our workforce to optimise cost, profit, and productivity?
  • What are the predictive indicators of turnover, and which of our employees
    are at risk?
  • From where do we derive our best talent, and which managers are true leaders?
  • What is driving high employee turnover, and how much is it costing our business?
  • How can we reduce absenteeism and balance permanent versus contract staff?
  • What percentage of the workforce has a defined career path?


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Since 1951, Drake International has been assisting organisations to solve a wide range of business problems by implementing consultative solutions to improve employee performance, productivity, and profitability. Work with drake to leverage your data, identify human capital gaps, and deliver actionable insights that drive positive change.


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